Some stores has different
opening hours.

EST is a shopping center just 3 minutes on foot from Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station and JR Osaka Station. There are about 100 shops, including boutiques, cosmetic shops, restaurants and cafés, many of which are unique to EST.


3-25 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0017, Japan
By Train
3 - 10 minutes on foot from the nearest station (JR: Osaka Station. Hankyu Railway • Hanshin Electric Railway: Osaka-umeda Station. Subway: Umeda Station, Higashi-Umeda Station, Nishi-Umeda Station)

Required Time


  • Fashion

  • Articles for personal use / Fashion accessories / Inner wear

  • Service

  • Gourmet

  • Escalators

  • Elevators

  • Stairs

  • AED

  • Rest Room

  • Safety Office (with a "Lost & Found" bureau)

  • Smoking Area



  • ナルシス
  • ファーファー
  • グレンチ
  • エイミーイストワール
  • マーキュリーデュオ
  • ディジット
  • ロイヤルパーティー
  • ドレスレイブ
  • シーナリー
  • ジェラートピケ
  • オクムス
  • スナイデル
  • ラグナムーン
  • アンジュエール
  • エックスガール
  • ミルクフェド
  • デイシー
  • アングリッド
  • ダーリッチ
  • リリーブラウン ブティック
  • ノエラ
  • シールームリン
  • リゼクシー
  • ディーホリック
  • イング
  • トゥエンティーズ
  • アンビー
  • ロジータ
  • アミリージュ
  • ネヴァーマインド ザ エックスユー
  • キャンディストリッパー
  • エヴリス
  • ダズリン
  • ミスティック
  • メリージェニー
  • リズリサ
  • イートミー
  • ジェイミー エーエヌケー

Fashion Goods

  • ルシーダ
  • サマンサベガ セレブリティクローゼット
  • アール・アンド・イー×リゾイ
  • ABCマート
  • ラヴィジュール
  • むにゅぐるみパティオ
  • エスペランサ
  • メゾン ド フルール


  • イニスフリー
  • ショップイン


Smartphone Settlement/Credit Card

Q and A

Is parking available brfor cars and/or bicycles?
Unfortunately, parking for cars and/or bicycles is not available. Please use facilities located nearby.
Do you accept UnionPay cards?
Yes, we accept UnionPay cards.
Do you accept gift certificates, including nationwide department store gift certificates?
We accept the following gift certificates: VISA, JCB, UC, DC, UFJ NICOS, Diners Club, Rakuten and American Express. We do not accept nationwide department store gift certificates.
Is smoking permitted anywhere in building?
There is a smoking room in the food hall area.
Which is the nearest station to EST?
Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station, Hanshin Osaka-umeda Station, JR Osaka Station, Osaka Municipal Subway Umeda Station, and Osaka Municipal Subway Higashi-Umeda Station are all within walking distance of EST.
Do you have fixed days when you are closed?
The days we are closed are irregular. Please refer to our homepage for the latest information.
Do you have accessible restrooms?
Accessible restrooms are located in the food hall area.
Do you have baby changing facilities?
Baby changing facilities are located in the food hall area.
Are there any facilities for eating and drinking?
EST has 22 restaurants and cafés offering Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes and sweets. There’s something for everyone here!
Who should I contact regarding lost property?
Please contact the EST security room. Tel: 06-6376-1618